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  Now In Development

   American Sporting Life

A series that creates a public understanding of sportsman

and the value for the hunting lifestyle.

Video Stories

Conversations with a Sportsman

A collection of interviews, videos and performances of sportsmen.

Seasons 2 Remember Storytelling         Conversations with a Sportsman

Seasons 2 Remember

Oral Storytelling

Conversations with a Sportsman

Sharing an oral history of people, places and outdoor sporting experiences.

Celebrate and Share the Cultural Heritage       of Our  Outdoor Sporting Traditions through storytelling.

We are all living histories and EACH OF our Stories Matter. 

Storyteller's connect the past with our present and root us. 


The Greatest Fish Story Ever Told

Reported in the New York Times, and written by Emerson Hough of Forest and Stream in 1892.

"Those of us privileged to take the field are entrusted by fate and circumstance to hold and nurture the hunter's legacy."  - Theodore Roosevelt

Collecting & Sharing the Stories of People, Places, Tradition & Adventure