Bryan Muche

Bryan's earliest memories of adventure in legend and lore where found at the feet of the old duck hunters in their lively accounts of hunting the great Horicon Marsh.

 Influenced by those mentors he embraced their belief that “the means is greater than the end” in outdoor sport.  While enjoying many outdoor pursuits, Bryan most appreciates the journey along which the quest for waterfowl takes him.

 Preferring vintage gear and watercraft more than a half century old he believes “taking up the ways of the old duck hunters” enhances the experience and brings a closer personal connection to the outdoors.  A simpler style of hunting that celebrates our waterfowling heritage and the waterfowler’s readiness towards challenging whatever tomorrow’s wind may bring.

While time has changed the clothing and watercraft taken by hunters into the chase of fall migration, the heart & soul of the duck hunter from the late 1800’s through the 1960’s and even to today is very much the same.

 Sharing the tradition and the joys of outdoor sport with those new to waterfowling brings Bryan great satisfaction.  Active as  a WI DNR Wingshooting for Migratory Birds Instructor, a leader and organizer with the WI DNR Learn to Hunt Waterfowl for Food Program, a WI DNR Learn to Hunt Mentor and also serves on the board of the Friends of the Horicon Marsh.

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Bio pic:     Us old duck hunters seldom crack a smile, perhaps it’s because our smoothbores kick like a mule, our rubber waders leak most at the crotch and our darn hunting jackets weigh 30lbs empty and allow about as much free movement as our wives, top that off with a dog that thinks he should be shooting and me retrieving. – no smile & don’t ask about the bags under my eyes, its hunting season…