Collecting & Sharing the Stories of People, Places, Tradition & Adventure

    Our Mission is to create a greater  understanding and value  for the Outdoor Sporting Lifestyle. 

Increasing Understanding  -  by collecting and Sharing the cultural heritage of the American Sportsman in the stories of people, Places, Tradition & Adventure.

Articulating Value   -  in terms of  individual benefit and also the Broader contribution to a better society as outdoor sporting lifestyles are vital to sustaining north America's model of conservation.   

      Sharing how outdoor pursuits Uniquely  connect people with nature and build heightened  awareness, empathy and responsibility.  A connection which then drives advocacy and financial commitment to benefit the conservation & Protection of natural open spaces and wildlife. 

Through  storytelling, Interviews and thoughtful productions we hope to weave an understanding and appreciation of our  American outdoor sporting lifestyle.

In this process, It is also our intent to create a historic archive for future reflection, enjoyment and  education.