Does the Heart of an Old Duck Hunter rest in You ?

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Duck Hunting is a pastime that can engage and Endear multiple generations TO the outdoors.   an activity unlike any other which intertwines ONE  with nature,  wildlife and a Closeness to the Autumn Passage of Migration.

*     If your allured by the thought of  independence & solitude ,  enjoy the companionship of like-minded sportsmen or the company of a trusted retriever.  

*     If you Find it appealing to have your worries distanced & long for a  spirit refreshed by overcoming physical challenge  - Your mental attention lost In the Moment With a Focus Entirely in the present Pursuit.


*     If you seek the savory enjoyment of a sustainable source of healthy & organic protein to put on your table & share in Good Company at the end of the day.  

Perhaps, then you too will find a smile comes when you step into a duck skiff,  slip on a duck coat and raise a duck call to your lips...     
You TOO may find the heart of an Old Duck Hunter beats within you. 

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